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What it is...

The  Acne clinic is all about your home-care regimen, which will be designed specifically for your skin and  lifestyle. It also will include bi-weekly or monthly in office treatments (with a peel or enzyme) and extractions. Plus we will go over other lifestyle changes and minor alterations you can do to help combat acne.

The Acne Clinic here at Shadow Era Beauty was designed to get your face clear and radiant as much as STAYING clear and healthy! The Face Reality Approach is specifically for those who have "tried everything". Acne is not something we just grow out of, it must be addressed properly from all aspects of it!

What it does...

What to expect...

First, expect a commitment. It takes 90 days for our skin to go through acne cycles, which means a 3 month commitment will be necessary. However, the price points are affordable for everyone! 

Expect clear and beautiful skin! This approach works and won't leave your skin irritated!

Real Results...

Shadow Era Clients Before & After Photos!

Both clients went through the 90 day program*

Acne Peel

The Acne Peel is a blend of acids used to deep clean the pores effectively, reduce inflammation, ridding of post-acne signs (redness and scarring), bringing cystic acne to the surface, killing acne bacteria (p acnes) and overall keeping your skin clear smooth with even complection. Each treatment is complete with LED blue light therapy and high-frequency.

Acne Enzyme

The Acne Enzyme (Substances in plants and animals that speed biochemical reactions) is antibacterial and hydrating this is helpful in reducing skin inflammation, redness, and irritation of the skin. It is an amazing treatment in between peels and much more relaxing than the acne peel. 

Packages Available

1 treatment $99 

   3 treatments $275

    6 treatments $525

*no refunds are given on packages

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