Crystal & Energy Infused Facial Treatments

Crystal & Energy Infused

Facial Treatments


Kylee has been involved with energy healing since she was a little girl. Growing up, her grandmother found crystals of great use during her healing sessions and through the years she instilled the knowledge into Kylee. Kylee has followed in her grandmothers teachings and guidance with crystal healings providing uplifting breakthoughs during each one her sessions. Since opening Shadow Era she has been mentored by Chalise Reynolds a Reiki Master Teacher and become more in tune with the energies that surround us daily. She continues to refine her own techniques in diminishing stress, getting mentally clarity and even keeping her beauty regimen strong. When she decided to launch this service at the spa, hours of research and study went into creating each unique facial experience. This is a collaboration of  beauty and spiritual worlds! It combines: Energy and Crystal Healing with amazing skin care. Each facial includes a spiritual goodie bag complete with home care for you to continue your unique healing long after your session. 

         Each of these treatments are 60 Minutes and includes:

     + Energetic Cleanse

     + Oracle Card Reading

     + Facial Cleanse with Crystal Infused Water

     + Aromatherapy

     + Facial Enzyme

     + Facial Mask with Crystal Facial Grid

     + Optional Extractions

     + Facial Massage

     + Upper Body Massage

     + Crystal Face Roller

+ Facial Serums

     + Light Reiki and Energy Healing

+ Spiritual Prescription complete with unique recommendations & a daily mantra

General Health

60 Minutes- $120

The General Health version of this service is exactly that: general physical, skin and mental health. We will focus on making you feel energetically sound, help release negative energy and promote a positive mood!

Love Manifestation & Self Love

For those self love junkies, we know that it is vital to promote self love in your life especially when manifesting love. This experience focuses on making you a love magnet, loving yourself and seeing yourself in the brightest light.

Self Reflection & Inner Transformation

 For our personal development junkies. This experience helps to promote introspective thoughts and helps you dive deeper into your own self to aid in reflection and transform.

Anxiety Slayer

60 Minutes- $120

As an anxious humans, and endless hours of research on energetic and crystal healing for anxiety. In this experience we focus on calming your mind of worry, self doubt and negative thoughts leaving you feeling cool, calm and collected.

Unbind- Remove Negative Energy

If you feel like you have negative energy or a string of bad luck lately, you may need a deep energetic cleanse. This experience is designed to unbind you from negative thoughts, people, situations and/or energy in general. Cut the cords and start fresh!

Prosperity & Abundance

 Money flows to you easily! We all want to see success in our careers and life. This experience helps make you a money and abundance magnet, helping you live the life you've deserve to live.

Get aligned and pampered! This facial begins with a chakra reading, leading the esthetician/healer to pair you with specific scents, crystals and massage techniques to help clear chakra blocks and have you feeling centered and grounded.  This facial also includes a double cleanse with steam, enzyme treatment, light extractions, mask, customized serum cocktail and LED light therapy.

60 Minutes- $120

60 Minutes- $120

60 Minutes- $120

60 Minutes- $120

Chakra Facial

60 Minutes- $120