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Classes & Events

Shadow Era Events & Classes

Each month we hold events and workshops for our clients to enjoy! Some are industry specific some are beauty related and some are spiritual as well as healing. Check below to see what is on our line up, monthly as most events will be limited spacing you will not want to miss out!!

December 2019

Friday the 13th

Feng Shui 101

With a New Year approaching us, this is an essential time to hone in on the energy we reside in, and align it with our aspirations, goals and plans in life and in this New Year.


The Chinese Metaphysical tradition of Feng Shui studies the energy of land and buildings as well as its surrounding, in order to determine the energy within the space. Our spaces are an extension of our energy, naturally they provide for us throughout this life by energetically supporting our wellbeing and livelihood. Very often the balance/imbalance in our lives reflect a good and poor distribution of Yin and Yang energies in the space around us. The Universe always returns us to balance and Feng Shui uses the knowledge of this law to our benefit.


In Feng Shui 101 we will walk through the essentials of the Feng Shui practice and traditions, so that you are able to enhance the energy within your home, business and environments that surround you or will surround you in this coming year.


Event led by Crystal Dawn

We Couldn't Do It Without You!!


This is an evening created specifically for you, we couldn't have made it this far without you. So in honor of our six months and ringing in the new year we kindly ask you to join us in a night filled with laughter, skin care, cocktails, make up and discounts galore. 

Come Dressed to impress as we are emboding our inner Oscar Winner, whether you are a client, social media supported or our dearests friends we insist you join us in an evening honoring you.


January 2020

 Saturday 11th