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Frequently Asked Questions 


How are Lash

Extensions Applied?

Certified Technicians apply single synthetic eyelashes to your natural lash one by one with an adhesive designed to keep the integrity of your natural lash at its strongest while also holding the extension in place. We use high quality adhesives and lash extensions so you won't feel irritation or the weight of your new lashes day by day. They are comfortable and beautiful! 



Do Lash Extensions harm your natural lashes?

No! Not when applied correctly. When lash extensions are applied correctly, they can actually aid in the health of your natural lash. Excessive curling, mascara, washing, itching, rubbing can be far more damaging than a lash extension.



What can I expect during my appointment?

You will be on a comfy recliner with your head on a pillow. The only uncomfortable part can be getting your bottom lashes secured under an eye pad, however it does not hurt by any means! Your eyes will be closed during the entire process. Most clients sleep, chit chat with me or bring their headphones to listen to whatever you'd like!



Can I wear eye makeup with my extensions?

Yes! We only ask that you do not use any waterproof products around your lash line and use OIL FREE makeup remover. Also, please be cautious when taking makeup off around your eyes. Mascara is definitely not recommended and can decrease the life of your extensions so use at your own risk!



Will I need any special products to care for my extensions?

Yes! But it is very simple. All we ask is that you keep your lash extensions clean. We sell two different kinds of lash cleanser to make it easy for you. Both are inexpensive, effective and actually help your extensions last longer!



What is a Hybrid Set?

Some clients love both volume and classic so we do offer hybrid sets which are a mix of classic AND volume lashes. See below photo for the difference.



I have extensions from another place, can you do my fill?

We do accept new fill clients, but cannot guarantee our work until your old lashes have grown out (which can take a few fills). We also ask you do purchase one of our lash cleansers to ensure you are taking care of them properly. Please note- if your lashes are in bad shape from a previous person we will be honest with you!



Why are lash extensions expensive?

Extensions take a lot of time, focus and training. It is a very intricate procedure done by only specially trained and licensed professionals. Products that are used are also very pricey. Just remember you get what you pay for and always see someone's work before making an appointment with them.

If you have additional questions or are still unsure what to book, please text or call us!

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