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Skin Care Enhancements

Skin Care Add Ons

We have amazing enhancements that you can add on to any skin care treatment!

To add one of these great services, please make sure to book add on prior to service to ensure enough time**

Microderm [Add On]


This mechanical exfoliant fluffs off the dead skin cells that lie on the surface of our skin with the use of fine crystals. This leaves your skin glowing and more supple. This has many benefits including diminishing uneven texture, balancing skin tones, fading scars, brightening dullness and lessoning age or sun spots.


Jelly Mask [Add on]


A jelly mask based on your skins specific needs whether it be to brighten, hydrate, or tone! 

jelly mask_edited.jpg

Acne Peel [Add On]


These self-neutralizing Acne Peels from Face Reality contains concentration of acids and specialty ingredients to address hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and fine lines based on your skins needs. These peels exfoliate acne-prone, hyperpigmented, and aging skin without excessive irritation or dehydration. A series of peels are recommended for best results. 




Dermaplaning is an advanced exfoliation technique used to remove dead skin cells & villus hair (peach fuzz). A great add on to any service, with no down time! Leave with brighter, smoother and glowing skin!


Oxygen Treatment  [Add On]


Our cells need oxygen to survive & thrive. With this treatment your face is receiving a stream of high pressurized oxygen creating a brighter & healthier look. The topical application ot oxygen soothes inflammation of rosacea & broken capillaries, removes blackheads & soothes the skin. After just one treatment your skin will appear firmer & more radiant!

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