Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services

Our Spiritual Services are practiced by only the highest certified and gifted individuals. If you are unsure about any of these services or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit out FAQ page!

Reiki and Energy Healing

60 Minutes        $120

Reiki is a healing technique in which the healer channels energy into sitter, this kick starts healing of your body and helps restores mind, body, spirit. This also helps remove any negative energy that you may be holding onto. 


During our first session the first ten minutes will be us chatting and getting comfortable with each other. We want you to know this is a safe private space for you to start healing and share as much as you feel. The remainder of your time your reiki practitioner will be communicating with not only their angels but your angels and guides as well, clearing your chakras and creating a safe place for you to heal.

Intuitive Reading

60 Minutes        $200

Double Reading   $400

In this session will be channelling and connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. We will also be pulling oracle cards to help validate our session. Please note all messages that come through are out to of light and love and are only intended to help your healing begin. These sessions are completely confidential.  


Oracle Card Reading

20 Minutes- $45

Needing a new outlook? Maybe a little positivity? Do you have anything you would like to ask your guides? I will be connecting with your angels and guides to help set you on the right path. These readings are designed to answer all of your most pressing questions and give you positive reinforcement. Please know that we are never truly alone and your angels are always around. 

Chakra Reading and Spirit RX

20 Minutes- $35

Feeling unbalanced? One of our reiki practitioners will check your chakras and will help you understand where your energy is out and how to get that power back. You will leave with one of our very own Spirit Rx cards filled with affirmations and ways of keeping those chakras open and spinning.